Ginger Lilies Care

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Pine Cone Ginger

This topic is in most part a summary of what we have addressed in other pages for ginger lilies, in particular, the page dealing with Ginger Lilies How to Grow. But what is, to me, really relevant are some comments made in an article, referenced below: "Hedychium originate in areas where monsoons are common and heavy, moist, warm tropical air is the norm. Try to mimic their native growing conditions for the healthiest Hedychium plants.". Again, look at the page Ginger Lilies OriginThis one comment should set the tone and tenor of whatever you do as you grow your ginger lilies.

We should be reminded as we have previously mentioned that ginger lilies require plenty of water with good drainage. and thrive in sun or partial shade. My yard has sun in parts heavy shade in other parts, a designated wetlands area and just plain old Baldwin County sandy soil with some organic material. I had some ginger lilies that I planted down in the wetlands area - not happy. Moved it up toward the yard about 10 feet which had good soil and not boggy - happy plant. Point is as mentioned in the article below "Hedychium plants thrive in partial shade/sun in soil which has excellent drainage but remains moist. The rhizomes should not be in boggy soil, but the plant requires consistent water."

This article does say as another article did you can plant seeds in the yard about 18-36 inches apart - NOT - as this takes up way too much space. Start the seeds in pots (Ginger Lilies Propagation) and then eventually move the seedlings to the yard.

It is a short article but read it and treat it as a "philosophy of how to grow ginger lilies"!

Read more at Gardening Know How: Hedychium Ginger Lily Info: Tips On Caring For Butterfly Ginger Lilies". Comments of a general nature that can give us some "food for thought".