Flowering Plants

This site is simply a site that I will use to collect and display information of various flowering plants that I have or am interested in. Plants such as Abutilon, Ginger Lilies, Tipouchina, Turks Cap, etc. This content will change as I 'change my mind' on what I enjoy and want to 'work' with. I can assure you that it is not work but enjoyment. Of course, this list could go on and on ...

It will change in time depending on my interest. I will attempt to keep it up to date but it may be some time between changes due to my interests. There will be, depending on my interest, several sub-pages wherein each sub-page is relevant to a particular flowering plant. The plant sub-pages will address such topics as botanical class, propagation, care, pruning, fertilization. Most all of the information I will deposit herein will have been pulled from Google! Be aware that when you search Google the returned information may vary depending on the source. I will warn you about this for a given plant when various sources differ. When I acquire information from nurseries or other sources I will designate these sources so you may utilize them as well.

There is a Contact page that you are welcome to use in order to pass on your comments as you see fit. I will usually reply but it may be a day or two or more.